Frittelle = Felicita?

Fritelle are small Italian doughnuts and most famously are associated with the Venetian Carnival.

“The fritole, which held the sceptre of the art of confectionery of the people”


At Carnival time Windows fill up with these little dolci sweets!


Within Italy, their name varies from region to region, from galani to chiacchiere and castagnole…! (Unsurprising with the diversity of the Italian Dialects!)

But this blog post focuses on the traditional version of Frittelle alla Veneziana


  • 500 g. plain flour
  • 20 g. yeast (dissolved in warm water)
  • 80 g. sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • milk
  • the zest of 1 lemon
  • 80 g. raisins (immersed for 1 hour in a bit of grappa or rhum)
  • oil to fry
  • icing sugar

*The filings can vary -filled and unfilled, raisens and pine nuts to chocolate cream! But  Frittelle veneziane feature no filling, just raisins and pine nuts.

The producers of the “fritole” were the “fritoleri”. They not only produced but sold the frittille. They, to”emphasize their exclusivity to produce them, in the ’600 formed an association, composed of seventy “fritoleri”” It resulted in allocated areas for their business in addition to the ability to keep the business tradition exclusively within the family. It remained highly active until the republic fell, then the traditional production method diminished drastically.

Yet  traces of it remain…for  when one visits Venice, one will find each Bakery creating their own unique version of Frittelle.



Probably due to their unique cultural association with the Venetian Carnival these little beauties are hard to find in Melbourne. Therefore I challenge you! Take out that dusty dictionary or pop open Google translate and see if you can make them!


Best enjoyed with a glass of Prosecco 😀

Buon Appetito xx


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